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One of humanity's greatest obstacles in life was keeping food fresh longer and drinks cold. Thankfully the inventor Jacob Perkins as well as several others including nation founder Ben Franklin have tackled this dilemma by inventing the modern refrigeration process. As a result of their genius we all can now enjoy fresh food from our refrigerators, delight in ice cream from our freezers and keep our drinks chilled with ice. We at Austin Air & Ice pride ourselves in the promotion of  the continued utility of the machines that provide us with these modern conveniences. We are the commercial refrigeration repair Austin needs!

Commercial refrigeration repair Austin

Our Services

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

It's vital for the life of your refrigeration units and coolers that they be maintained by professionals and monitored over time to prevent potentially disastrous consequences. We will gladly come and check on your appliances to make sure they are functioning at their best and to prevent any leaks or malfunctions.

Ice Machines

Our expert technicians specialize in refrigeration and will come repair your ice machine when you need it. We also install your unit correctly the first time to ensure a long and trouble free service life for your devices. 

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Reach in coolers Austin

Walk In Freezers/Coolers

Owning a business that needs a walk in freezer means needing functional equipment that can keep your products cool in the Austin Texas heat. Trust us and we would be happy to handle the installation of your new equipment and regular maintenance.

Reach In Coolers

A broken reach in cooler can be detrimental when owning a restaurant business. We at Austin Air & Ice are experts in commercial refrigeration repair Austin and can do regular maintenance on your equipment to ensure a long life for it. We are the experts you can trust.

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Equipment Sales

Looking for the right refrigeration equipment for your business? We have highly vetted brands and top quality equipment that we sell. Check out some of our highest quality products.

Brewery Chiller Service & Installations

At Austin Air & Ice we pride ourselves in proper installation. We can help you with sizing your chiller, piping design and layout, and the installation as well.

walk in refrigerator Austin

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Over 700 Satisfied Customers

Our Customers

Our Gallery

We have had amazing partnerships over the years with great clients. We have had the pleasure of helping a number of big name brands in the Austin Texas area with their refrigeration maintenance, repairs and installations. We love working with the great business owners in Austin and have loved working on every project that we have done. When you trust us, you get technicians that truly understand what goes into keeping your business supplied with refrigeration. We offer competitive bid values and completion schedules to match your business needs. Our expert team evaluates potential installation locations to find the best spot for your new appliance. We have a true passion for refrigeration. No business should ever suffer from a lack of good refrigeration, and our walk in freezer repair Austin, is the best in the business. Take a look at some of the projects we have completed.

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What You Can Expect From Us

We at Austin Air & Ice have been serving the Austin area for over a decade and our veteran founder has over 20 years of experience in the refrigeration field. We have served over 700 customers and look forward to helping many, many more. We are dedicated to our customers and instill loyalty, trustworthiness, integrity and enthusiasm into every project that we do. We make sure that a job is done right the first time, and rely on our expertise and knowledge to know the problems and fix them. We are experts in ice machine repair Austin TX, commercial refrigeration repair, walk in coolers, walk in refrigerator, and much more. We are the refrigeration professionals you need and we want you to be satisfied with the job done. You can be confident that when you hire us, you are getting the most qualified expert in the field.

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Austin Air & Ice

Our owner Sean! Sean is a veteran and has served in Iraq as a United States Marine Corps engineer.

The Refrigeration Process

For years, cultures have been interested in methods of cooling down beverages and preserving goods for consumption later. As far back as 1000 B.C. humans have harvested ice and snow during winters to cool down beverages and preserve foods.

Here in the United States, it wasn't until the 1830's that Americans started refrigerating foods on a mass scale. It was in that decade that methods of ice harvesting and transportation became more efficient. The improved shipping methods and storehouses reduced ice wastage from 66% to 8%. As a result of the technological advances, ice from harvests in Canada and New England became mass-market commodities and were sold across the nation. Ice sales in New York went from twelve thousand tons in 1843 to one hundred thousand tons in 1856, just nine years later. The use of ice boxes in preserving food became commonplace in America.

Then with the help of several geniuses the modern refrigeration process was developed. Jumping forward to today, we now use the same concepts to cool our foods down with reach in refrigeration, walk in cold rooms and to make ice in ice machines.

The Refrigeration Process.jpeg
walk in cooler repair Austin

Your business has refrigeration equipment that involves the modern refrigeration cycle pictured above.

If you were to open a properly operating fridge or freezer you would notice that the inside of the box is cold. Cold is the absence of heat thermal energy and your fridge is great at removing the heat energy inside. It does this by blowing hot inner air over an array of super cooled piping. If you were to open your fridge you would notice that a fan is running on a hanging box inside, that is what is cooling your product. The cold refrigerant gases flow through those pipes to absorb the heat from inside of the box.

The heated gas is then sucked back outside where it goes into the compressor outside of the box. Inside the compressor, the heated gas from your fridge comes in through the suction line, is pressurized and then shot out through the discharge line. At the condenser coil also outside of the cooled box, another fan blows the heat energy off of the gasses turning the gas into liquid. The liquid goes through a filter drier and back to the inside of the fridge where it is turned back into a cool gas repeating the cycle.

All refrigeration equipment use the same general cycle.

We at Austin Air & Ice take pride in repairing and installing all refrigeration equipment. 

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