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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Sales in Austin, TX

We offer a variety of equipment for sale. That includes, ice machines, refrigeration solutions, walk-in refrigeration, and hot side solutions. Call us today to get prices on any of our equipment.

Austin Air & Ice Equipment Solutions

At Austin Air & Ice we believe in being a full service commercial refrigeration company. And that includes having high quality, top-graded equipment available for our clients. We provide any type of ice machine with variations in ice making capabilities, walk in freezers and coolers that can service pizza restaurants to breweries, refrigeration solutions, as well as hot side equipment. If you are looking for any commercial refrigeration equipment then give us a call today to get a free quote.

Get A Free Quote On Equipment Today


We have a number of top grade, high quality refrigeration solutions available for sale, for any business looking for great refrigeration equipment. This includes:


  • Glass Door Merchandisers

  • Reach-In

  • Under Counter

  • Sandwich and Pizza Prep

  • Work Top

  • Chef Bases

  • Milk Boxes

  • Bottle Boxes

  • Back Bar Coolers

  • Display Refrigeration

  • Grab and Go Refrigerators

Contact us for more information and prices.

Ice Machines

We have a variety of top grade, high quality ice machines available for sale. This includes:


  • Cube Ice Machines

  • Nugget Ice Machines

  • Flake Ice Machines

  • Modular Ice Machines

  • Air Cooled

  • Water Cooled

  • Under Counter Ice Makers

  • Counter Top Ice Makers

  • Hotel Ice Makers

  • Dispensers

Contact us for more information and prices.

Hot Side Equipment

We also have hot side options that are perfect for commercial use. Some of the equipment we offer includes:


  • Kitchen Ranges

  • Stock Pot Ranges

  • Griddle

  • Char-Broilers

  • Salamander Broilers

  • Cheese Melters

  • Hot Holding Cabinets

  • Fryers

  • Convection Ovens

  • Combi-Ovens

  • Steam Ovens

  • Tilt Skillets

  • Steam Kettles

  • Microwave Ovens

Contact us for more information and prices.

Walk In Freezers & Coolers

Our walk-in refrigeration options are great for any business looking for big solutions. We have a variety of equipment that is of the highest quality. This includes equipment built for:


  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • Self Contained

  • Remote

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Beer Keg Coolers

  • Convenience/Liquor Stores

  • Warehouses

  • Breweries

  • Floral

  • Game Lockers

  • Mortuary

  • Combo Units

Contact us for more information and prices.

Brands We Work With

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Brand - Walk-In - Norlake.png
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Brand - Refrigeration - True.png
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